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Katy Brown unwittingly became "The Accidental Pig Farmer" when her fledgling herd of Large Blacks grew in just months to include Tamworths ,Wessex Saddle Backs and not long after about 100 babies! Since those early days Katy has become a dedicated breeder of all eight of Australias Pure Breeds but her main aim and focus is on the Conservation and Preservation of the Pure breeds. .Glen Eyrie and Green Isle Studs combine all 8 breeds including Large Whites ,Landrace, Duroc and Hampshire which are all excellent commercial carcass breeds and 4 heritage breeds Tamworth, Berkshire , Wessex Saddleback and Large Black which are old fashioned breeds . The Berkshire is by far the most popular of these old breeds as they are easier to finish without getting too fat but the Tamworth and Large Blacks in particular are very rare. Interestingly enough the Hampshire is the most endangered breed in Australia and we are working hard to develop a sustainable breeding program using limited genetics.. Green Isle Stud was founded in the forties by Dick Osborne who bred and showed some very successful pigs ,Craig continues on this tradition and still breeds Berkshires today . The studs combined run about 70 purebred boars which is necessary to maintain the lines and have good diversity ,currently we have about 250 sows and due to ill health are slowly decreasing that number.

The farm is also home to the Senlac Highland Pony Stud (est 1975) ,and we have Lincoln sheep ,Angus Cattle and Scottish Terriers.

Glen Eyrie Rare Breeds Farm Keeping History Alive

Green Isle Pure Bred Pig Stud

When Breeding Matters