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Do you own pigs as a small business or hobby?

Do you want to learn how to keep your pigs healthy?

Then come to PigCare!

PigCare Workshop: Highlighting health

Bendigo Showgrounds

Saturday 25th October 2014

9:30 Equipment you will need to keep pigs healthy (and how to look after it) (TBC)

- Needles, syringes, slapshots, vaccinator guns, injecting pigs, recording treatments

- Sourcing equipment

- Storing equipment

- Disposal of equipment

10:15 Medicating pigs (Tim Aherne)

- Vet-only medications versus off-the-shelf

- When do I need a vet scipt?

- What records do I need to keep?

- How do I store medications?

- How long can I keep using opened vaccine bottles?

- What is "off-label"? Can I use my horse medication to treat my pig?

- What is a WHP? What is an ESI? What is the difference?

11:00 Morning tea

11:15 What vaccines are out there and should I be using them? (Tony Fahy)

- Breeder her vaccines

- Progeny vaccines

- What is an autogenous vaccine (and should I be using them)?

12:00 Common pig problems (Trish Holyoake)

- What do I do if my pigs are coughing?

- What are those spots on the skin?

12:45 Lunch

1:45pm Common pig problems (cont.) (Trish Holyoake)

- Why aren't my pigs eating?

- Why aren't my sows getting pregnant?

2:30pm Understanding normal reproduction in pigs (TBC)

- demonstrating the reproductive tract

- hormones in pigs and what they do

- how do I know if my sow is in-pig?

- hormonal treatments for pigs

3:15pm What diseases can pigs get from eating the wrong thing? (Trish Holyoake)

- toxicities

- deficiencies

4pm Close

RSVP: by Friday October 10th to Katy Brown at [email protected]

PigCare is a private group that has been developed as a way for smallholder and hobby pig farmers to communicate with each other. We network through bi-monthly face-to-face meetings and through our Facebook site. Visit our facebook site at

PigCare – Supporting pig producers