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The landrace hails from Denmark where much development went into the breed to suit the British bacon trade,particularly the Wiltshire style.

The Landrace is a a predominant breed in Australia and is largely used in F1 breeding programs.

Early strains of Landrace had problems with PSS (stress) and the resulting PSE, they also suffered somewhat from splay leg. Halothane testing and selective breeding has managed to largely eliminate this in Australia. The landrace is a lovely fine skinned pig with a fine jowl and shoulder a long back and deep well filled hams. Landrace sows are good mothers but can tend to be more aggressive than some other breeds when mixing .

Landrace females should be selected for femininity as excessive leaness can compromise lactation and maternity. We have found that our landrace need more feed than some of the other breeds to maintain their wieght particularly during and after lactation.

Photo Landrace Gilt at Glen Eyrie - Jayce Morgan