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For the last 3 years David and Karen Markham from Walwa Park have been purchasing Large Blacks from me to grow out for their own table for which they grow and provide most of their own incredible range of food. David has also perfected his own range of smallgoods from these pigs (not for sale) .Earlier this year on collecting their pigs they learned that I had reduced my large black sow herd from 65 to 20 due to illness and a lack of demand for the purebred large black carcass. Well aware of the rarity and need to preserve the old breeds David and Karen have come to my rescue and that of the pigs and are distributing Large Black Pork through their vast network of friends and like minded pork lovers. The pork is available in half or full carcasses and is professionally butchered by The Meat Room. We have had some magnificent Large Black ham,bacon and gourmet sausages made which are available to order from Walwa Park.. [email protected]

Large Black Leg ham order now for an exquisite Christmas treat

Pictured above is a half box of Outdoor reared large black Pork. Large blacks have magnificent eating qualities and although they carry more fat that modern breeds the fat is very soft and renders beautifully , the fact that they have more fat means they have very thin skin which crackles second to none.Our herd is a fully registered genuine conservation herd ,

by supporting us you are supporting much more than a meat producer you are supporting the funding of the conservation of a critically rare breed which is also endangered in its country of origin, ironically we have to eat them to save them ,but the more we can sell the more we can breed and from these we have the opportunity to select only the best as herd replacers and for genetic gain. I can truly say the the support from Walwa Park will make all the difference to the survival of this breed and this makes me incredibly happy and grateful.

Large black bacon from a 60 kg dressed Large Black pig.